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Just as a point of information, OSDev.org has a wiki and a forum that are filled to the brim with development information, sample code, trials and tribulations, and links to past and ongoing OS projects. These pages should make for good reference materials for answers.

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    I work on an OS for embedded devices which, like most embedded devices, don't have x86 processors. I find osdev.org irrelevant. Apr 17, 2014 at 12:11

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OsDev.org is a good resource for OSes developers (well, some of the wiki pages are incomplete). But in my case I don't want to implement my own OS, I want to learn how Windows and Lynux work at Api level, and how they manage hardware. I googled and binged about learning resources for Lynux... and I ended up confused because there are many Lynux flavors, and many windows managers (the only one I've played with is nautillus) :(

Finding info about Windows Apis is easy, they all behave the same and all resources say almost the same. On the other hand... ¿buttons and textboxes treated as windows inside windows? ¿do I have to create a Device Context and a Compatible Bitmap with a BitmapInfoHeader just to have a raw image in memory? ¿+200 code lines for a single useless sad window that does nothing? ¿is this OS insane? Dear Microsoft, DispatchMessage your %$&%*!!

I want to know if Linux is as insane as Windows, how it manages stuff inside my hardware, and its equivalents to the (crazy)Windows Apis (if they exist).

  • on API-Level, Linux doesn't have that much flavors really. Maybe you were talking about the different UNIX derivates (such as BSD and Mac). There are a lot of ressources out there that explain the Linux API and the inner workings of the Linux kernel. just search for those two terms to find books and other ressources. Jun 13, 2014 at 19:01

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