I think it would be a good idea to promote this proposal to existing groups who may already be interested in the topic. Of particular importance is finding people who will have good health knowledge to contribute and upvote quality answers.

Where would be good places to promote this proposal?

Proposal: Health

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    It seems like Stack Exchange has a lot of computer-oriented people, research scientists, etc. (just look at the top 20 SE sites), and from personal conversations, it seems that professionals in the medical fields have largely not heard of Stack Exchange. So, I agree we need to discuss how to promote it better than just having it sit on Area 51. – Garrett Apr 11 '14 at 6:55

The Pastafarianism proposal is making some organized efforts to expand our outreach.


You are welcome to leverage on the ground work we are using. If you follow the proposal you will also be more in tune and aware of the progress we make with the approaches we are trying.

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