I always have Jira questions. I am not satisfied with the Atlassian forums, but I love everything about Stack Exchange. So, is anyone else into a Jira Stack Exchange site?

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Questions about using Jira as an application can be asked on Web Applications.

Questions about installing Jira on a server can be asked on Webmasters or Server Fault (only for professional sysadmins, not for devops).

Questions about using Jira in a development workflow can be asked on Programmers, though for historical reasons you'll find more such questions on Stack Overflow where they are now off-topic.

Questions about interacting with Jira programmatically and integrating Jira with other development tools such as version control are on-topic on Stack Overflow.

Sure, that's a lot of different pieces. But these are pretty disjoint topics, too. I don't see a need for a unified Jira site.

If you do think that there should be a unified Jira site, you can propose one. But you'll need to make an argument that the existing sites don't serve the community well. We create sites to address a need, not just “X wants its own site”.

  • good answer. Thanks for pointing me, and other people that see this thread and are interested, in the right direction @Gilles.
    – David West
    Apr 9, 2014 at 13:44

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