I don't want this one particular 'follower' to discourage people from contributing simply because he seems to have a negative agenda - But he will, and I can't figure out how to block him. Please assist.

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    You're going to need to give more details. Are you attempting to prevent a user from contributing to your proposal? If so, there's no way to do that. – fbueckert Apr 5 '14 at 16:30
  • He's not contributing, he's attacking. This is someone who frankly shouldn't be permitted on most boards - We've had to ban him from two LinkedIn groups for slander against our members and since we are experimenting with Stack I really don't to have another experience like that. If you'd like a list of faculty members from top schools attesting, I can probably get one but I'm just hoping we can get some more basic support on this one. Thanks - Dr. Elliot Bendoly, Emory University – JOMx Apr 5 '14 at 19:17

Welcome to Stack Exchange! SE sites offer a variety of moderation controls, but at this point in your proposal's life cycle, pretty much all moderation is going to go through the company's Community Team; in other words, me and my co-workers.

While I can understand your frustration, we don't have any system in place for preemptively excluding users from our sites. For one thing, we have no way of verifying anyone's identity here based on third-party forum posts. Our general philosophy is to identify bad behaviors rather than bad people, so if you see anything improper from anyone (including, but not limited to, the "particular follower") just flag it and we'll handle it. There's a flag link under every example question, and a flag icon appears next to every comment if you hover over it.

For any user who's as intentionally disruptive as you make this person sound, a lengthy and mandatory vacation from the network could pop up quickly. But I'm afraid you will have to deal with a small amount of initial trouble before things reach that point.

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