Proposal: Maxima In last 3 years total number of questions on stackoverflow have been around 125 and have received fewer responses than other questions. But the Sourceforge tells that there have been 3,019,298 downloads which is extraordinarily high number. This shows that stackoverflow has not been quite successful at pulling in many users and the quality of questions is also not very good on it.

This clearly explains the need to have a separate community where people can ask question or just share something they find interesting by creating questions and posting response to them themselves.

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I have answered Maxima-related questions on SO, and that works, but I'd prefer to have a separate site. Is there an easy way to migrate questions from one StackExchange site to another? If so, we could move any Maxima-related questions from SO to this new site.

There are a lot of questions on the Maxima discussion list too; I think it would be preferable to have those here, since it is easier to search for previous questions and answers here.

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