It has been stated multiple times that there are good reasons for making sure that proposal commitments reflect activity beyond the proposal at hand. Part of what this means is that proposals will do better if their members get involved in other SE sites and proposals. (Unless, of course, they discover that the other sites and proposals are what they're really looking for, in which case that just helps the Darwinian goals of Area 51.) The reason that this has had to be stated multiple times is that users just aren't joining multiple sites like that, and this is causing frustration.

Here's my proposal: To alleviate the aforementioned frustration, to improve the graduation rate of quality proposals, and to encourage the Darwinian goals of Area 51, proposal members should be able to vote on a list of sites and proposals that members of their proposal might also be interested in. This could even be done via the current discussion question system, save that "best of"-style lists are normally not allowed.

Possible answers:

  • No
  • You can already do that
  • The discussion question rules should be relaxed to allow that
  • The SE people should code up something that will keep the question and top answers displayed prominently on the proposal page


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