The "Contact Us" link at the bottom of pages on the main Area 51 site doesn't lead to the standard contact form which is present on other sites (e.g. discuss.area51). Instead, it's a mailto link which opens the user's email client. For many users (including myself) these links work poorly or not at all. It would presumably be better for this link to be the same as on other sites.

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Yes, the Area 51 home page wasn't updated when we added those changes to the rest of the network. It should be fixed now. Thanks.

  • It haven't been fixed yet. Can you help me merge my "unregistered user" account or delete it because I registered my Area 51 using my network profile but as my network profile was connect using SSO, now there are two account with same picture, same email address and same display name.
    – cstayyab
    Aug 12, 2020 at 11:51
  • As Merging accounts is not possible from "Meta" sites so we cannot send merge request for Area51 accounts using area51.meta site and normal area51 site's contact page also redirects to the area51.meta's contact page.
    – cstayyab
    Aug 12, 2020 at 11:53

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