Proposal: Worldbuilding

I've written a lot here about the struggles of art-related proposals on Area 51. Many never get the needed number of followers, and many others that get that part never get enough example questions with enough votes. I've seen it happen time and time again.

I've come to strongly believe that one of the best things that early followers can do is to put down some sample questions that you think would be a good fit here.

The Worldbuilding proposal (like many art proposals) is headed right for that middle ground where it isn't clear yet if it will gain enough support (let's hope!) or fall short. So there's a good bet it will come down to whether we have enough questions with enough votes.

Everybody who visits this proposal has a chance to see the sample questions that are listed and vote on them. For many people (followers or not) they take only one look at the question list and vote based on what's currently there. If there's nothing there, there's nothing to vote on, and the votes just go away because the people go away (permanently, or for a long time).

Because of this, I strongly feel that the best way early adopters (which probably includes you if you're reading this) can help a proposal like this move forward is taking a couple of minutes and think of an example question (or 5) and add it to the list. Because you're here early in the process, it means a lot of eyes will look at your question. Because there's something there to vote on, we'll (hopefully) pick up many more votes in the process. More votes will help push us over the edge and move this site to the next stage!

(I should probably put the standard disclaimer here that I'm not encouraging people to post bad questions just to pack the list. I'm simply trying to encourage people who are borderline on whether to add questions or not to come over to the light side and just go for it. I'm also not encouraging people to just vote for any question that happens to be on the list, but to vote for questions they think would be a great fit for Stack Exchange as a whole, and WB.SE in particular. I just want there to be more for people to actually vote on when they get here.)

Update: We now have over 40 questions, which is technically enough, but there's a higher percentage than usual of ones that have negative votes. So we still need more example questions!


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