With the Joomla Proposal, which is commitment stage, what is the best way to help it progress to the next stage? Asking questions or answering questions does not seem to do the trick.


So there are three components to site commitment:

The commitment score is the minimum of three scores:

89% 179/200 committers in total

67% 67/100 committers with 200+ rep on any other site

72% commitment score, based on committers' activity on all other sites and how old the commitment is

At the moment Joomla falls short on all three. If 33 people active on other Stack Exchange sites were to commit to the proposal, the first and second components would be fulfilled and the third would very likely be too. We recognize that this can be a problem for some topics, so when a proposal gets close to 100% commitment we start running advertisements for it around the network.

Obviously, if you don't already have reputation on other sites, you could help out the proposal by joining an existing site and answering questions. Putting a link to the proposal in your user profile might be a good idea.

But I would suggest that people interested in promoting the Joomla proposal invite Joomla experts whether with network experience or not. Remember the end goal isn't to get a site launched, but to get a site through public beta and beyond. We've seen time and again that proposals that try to artificially get through the Area 51 process tend to fail to make it out of private beta. Not having enough subject matter experts and not having enough people with real network experience are two ways we've seen sites fail shortly after launch.


It would appear that the best way of progressing is to join other already beta groups on here and then ask and answer questions in there to get reputation. You will need reputation above 200 for your commitment to count. Keep visiting the proposal each day or so also as your rep will decay over time.

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