Proposal: Life Improvement

When each proposal reaches about 45% commitment, the Community Team at Stack Exchange evaluates the progress of the proposal and the suitability as a Stack Exchange site. We want to give these subjects every chance to develop; unfortunately, we have concluded that this one is not going to make it.

Over time, we have continued to push the boundaries of subjects that we feel the Stack Exchange engine can improve upon (i.e. do a better job at organizing the subject than other forum options). But the questions we found in "Life Improvement" have really stretched that limit beyond which the engine would do this subject justice.

At some point, it is the Stack Exchange Q&A engine itself that stops helping people organize great Q&A and becomes more of a hindrance to protracted conversation and sharing. In short, we don't think the Stack Exchange engine can do this subject justice, and it will only make the wary participant miserable to try.

Here's where Stack Exchange fails this subject

If you look a the top 'Example Questions' (click here), almost all of these discussions are better suited to the energy of a dynamic group discussion or the topic of a healthy round-table examination. But these topics cannot (even remotely) be better answered in our rigid Q&A format. The word "better" is important here. We simply would not make this subject any better by hosting this content. Stack Exchange is simply the wrong tool for the job.

Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with these questions — I wouldn't mind seeing where some of this went myself — but this isn't the platform on which to organize it.

I would love to see this topic continue… somewhere. But Stack Exchange simply is not the place to have it.


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