Is it OK to upvote an answer because it looks good, or because I have used the software in the past for something very related and I am pretty sure it can perform said task too as said on their website?

Or should I only upvote when:

  1. I have actually installed the app (or tried the website, or integrated the library)
  2. I have actually tested said feature.

For instance, imagine someone asks "Is there a GNU-GPL-licensed Bluetooth library for Go". I have worked with such a library with Java, and from their forum activity their website I can see that they have a large Go community too, but I have never actually tried the Go version. In this case, can I upvote?

Proposal: Software Recommendations

  • This is question you should ask on the site once it is created to be discussed by people who are actually using the site. As such, it's a bit off topic for this forum. Feb 3, 2014 at 19:23

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I don't believe we can impose rules for voting. This has been discussed on several meta sites and FAQs. People will vote according to their own beliefs. We can offer advice.

I see nothing wrong with upvoting an answer if you have a strong belief that the answer is correct. For example, you may have direct knowledge of someone who uses the recommended produt even though you haven't used it yourself. Obviously, if you have direct experience of the recommendation then that is a much stronger reason for voting.

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