The Portuguese Site is at the Proposal Phase. Some questions are entirely written in Portuguese (I think it is wrong) and some others in English (what I think is correct because Stack Exchange is a global site).

Should english be adopted as the default language for questions? Or Portuguese? Or there's no default language?

Proposal: Portuguese Language


Ideally, a site for the Portuguese language should be conducted in Portuguese with an English component to help those who are first-day beginners. But to say "You cannot speak Portuguese here" (oops, I mean "Você não pode falar português aqui") would go against everything we know about full-immersion learning.

Anyway, this has come up several times on other sites, so I'll just quote the rest here:

It would be unfortunate to preclude Portuguese speakers in a Portuguese Language proposal. On the contrary, studying a language has long been known to be best conducted in a full-immersion environment (i.e. in the target language only).

We've even considered (on the Stack Exchange Team) urging our language sites to become "full immersion." Its long been known that foreign-language classes are most effective when conducted in full immersion, but there would have to be a culture of users where struggling beginners are helped when posting their "broken" questions… to help flesh out their meaning and to edit their posts into a condition that is understandable.

There are a lot of challenges to supporting the users of full-immersion environment, so we've been dragging our heels about suggesting it at all. But we would support any language site that wanted to step up and do this the right way.

And consider the Portuguese speakers who are looking for the Portuguese-equivalent of our "English Language & Usage" site. They would become a tremendous asset to making your site great.

In all reality, we are quickly becoming a world wide site, and we're going to look back on this someday and laugh that we ever allowed (on these language sites) to use English at all.

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    I do like the idea of both English and Portuguese questions being asked. It would be way too exclusive if the questions had to be only in English. That would definitely cut off too much people who can give the right information.
    – Velda
    Mar 20 '14 at 5:02
  • I agree and i like the idea. However if you take for example the English Language Learners Community, even for the people who are learning english (like me), the language use has to be english. In a portuguese community, I believe more people will be more confident if they can use the language they prefer.
    – humungs
    Mar 29 '14 at 17:17
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    There could be a tag specifying the language of the question, so that people answering questions could filter them out if they wished to. Also, I think that two questions shouldn't be considered duplicates, if they were written in different languages. May 5 '14 at 21:13
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    EN:A mandatory tag to indicate the language of the question would allow an easier search. But there could also be the possibility of posting the question in both languages, so beginners learn even more. Experts could translate questions in which the asker only knows one language. PT:A ideia de uma tag obrigatória para indicar o idioma da questão permitiria uma pesquisa mais fácil. Mas também pode haver a possibilidade de postar a pergunta em ambas as línguas, para novatos aprenderem ainda mais. Os peritos poderiam traduzir questões em que o autor só sabe uma língua.
    – bandrade
    Jan 6 '15 at 10:39
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    What about the UI? Considering you have UIs in both languages already at your disposal, which one should the site use?
    – bfavaretto
    Feb 19 '15 at 1:50
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    Can SE support more than one site in a given non-English language? Mar 30 '15 at 1:39
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    This will be an English Language interface. We have no plans to support switching UIs between languages nor are we currently supporting non-English sites besides Stack Overflow(s) — discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/a/20138/5 Mar 30 '15 at 13:55
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    @RobertCartaino But this is exactly the opposite of what you states in your answer about full immersion! Mar 30 '15 at 20:04

I suggest that both languages may be used. A beginner may write the question in english, and the answers should be given in english, with as much portuguese as is reasonable.

An intermediate, advanced or native speaker may write the whole question in portuguese.

I don't think there will be that many duplicates. I believe the kinds of questions beginners often ask do not overlap with the issues a more advanced learner is likely to need help with.

Besides, even if two questions are duplicates, the fact that one is placed in english means the answer must not be a very complex one. On the other hand, a question written in portuguese invites the community to give a more lengthy answer, with examples and comparisons.

  • Concordo plenamente!
    – Larara
    May 26 '15 at 23:51
  • Concordo. Acho que uma pessoa que, por exemplo, tem mais domínio sobre o espanhol mas quer fazer uma pergunta, deve usar a língua inglesa, se não o souber na língua portuguesa.
    – felipe.zkn
    Jun 17 '15 at 21:45

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