Repeatedly, I see new proposals, where the creator (with the usual initial 50 rep) writes a vague title, even more vague description, and leaves it at that, with us to figure out what's the proposal about. Usually next day it's closed as 'poorly defined' or 'not a viable proposal'.

Occasionally the creator gives one question they have on the subject, or one extremely generic or general reference question. More often they just unfollow their own proposal. It creates just noise that drowns out viable proposals and wastes everyone's time.

Why not require the creator to enter at least three example questions in order to proceed with creation of the proposal? If you, as the creator, can't come up with three meaningful questions that could be asked on the site, what future does the site have? If you have only one question, wouldn't you be better off just finding an existing community to ask it, instead of creating a new one?

I believe requiring three example questions along with the proposal description and title would definitely step up the quality of new proposals.

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  • I agree but what if the questions themself are vague. – Mohammad Jan 30 '14 at 20:40
  • @user689: Then we still have tools currently at our disposal. I doubt vague questions would be worse than no questions, and the basic task of coming up with actual questions would likely filter out worst of proposals. – SF. Jan 30 '14 at 23:34

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