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Proposal: Startup Business

Based on great points from @rbwhitaker in a previous discussion,I viewed the Maker Professionals proposition (now closed) in order to identify a base-line. The only question that seemed to fit the Startup Business proposition was

Do copyright laws apply to home fabrication?

Which to my novice understanding of Makers seems a good question for this proposition since Copyrights/Patents represent one of the many buzzwords for any Startup's key activities. However, one question doesn't qualify as a standard of evaluation.

What qualifies as a good (or bad) "Maker" question for this proposition?

Thanks in advance.

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I would say that any 'maker' question that focuses on sales, expenses, legal questions (ie copyright, DMCA, fair use) is a good question.

Any that focus on the actual creation/technical details of the product would probably be better elsewhere (ie "how do I do X in Photoshop?" does not belong here).

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