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There are some religions which have adopted Buddhism into themselves, like Shinto, I am wondering if questions on these religions would be accepted so long as they in some way relate to Buddhism or if they should belong to their own SE Sites

eg. Kūkai saw the Kami in Shinto as different embodiments of the Buddhas themselves as they were just Buddhas by another name in his view, linking Amaterasu with Dainichi Nyorai, with this in mind, who of the Major and Minor Shinto Kami be in Buddhism

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It is something like a grey area.

Don't forget that the site would be populated mainly by people with a purely Buddhist background. In my opinion, if questions about these "partially Buddhist" religions can be answered by relying mainly on Buddhist knowledge, they would fit in.


I believe the influence of Shintô to Buddhism and vice versa is a interesting and should be allowed, esp when one discusses japanese Zen-buddhism.

In the same vein I think cultural backgrounds of other countries should be allowed, when they are related to Buddhism.

I always felt Buddhism is a living thing which is influenced by many things and we should allow questions which are related to that.

There are many aspects we would lose, in example treating of Zen from the Samurai or the Kômusô.


I suppose, as is the case with all sites on stackexchange, each question would be be community reviewed and closed / moved according to the FAQ and community consensus.


I believe they should be allowed, on the basis that I would be interested in questions around how cultures have been shaped by Buddhism, and vice versa.


The criteria to decide this should be as below:

If a religion, whatever it may be, accepts Buddhist texts (Pali Canon, Heart Sutra, Dhamapada, etc.) as authoritative, then they should be included because answers to their questions can be given in the Buddhist context using Buddhist scriptures.

However, if they have their own sacred texts and separate doctrines that vary from traditional Buddhist teachings, then they should not be included. Instead they should have their separate sites if there are enough community members.


Everything is is Buddha nature.

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