Proposal: Mental Fitness

Isn't this site a duplicate of Personal Productivity? Seems that lots of these questions would be appropriate there too.

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I do not think they are a duplicate. Mental Fitness can affect productivity.

Mental Fitness is a complexity of many disciplines related to the over-all health of the brain to include the person, as well.

One area for example is the organic brain as with other parts of the body. This requires medical professional diagnostics and treatments to determine if their is a chemical imbalance, a growth or lesion or anything that would requires treatment with medications, surgery or other medical specialties.

Fischi's comments about spiritual elements, happiness and feelings are very much a part of mental fitness. Self-esteem, how we perceive our place in the world around us, how we interact with others.

An active brain is important to overall brain fitness, however it seems to me taking on chunking or feats of great memory is more related to productivity,than mental fitness. Taking on these types of challenges could be another way for someone to avoid or hide from conditions related to overall mental health, that they may want to avoid. linda


In my view, it is not a duplicate.

Mental Fitness concerns more than just productivity

As you mentioned, a lot of the questions are also available and applicable on Personal Productivity, but these question focus more on the output of your brain, as the functionality itself.

Mental fitness concerns even spiritual elements, like happiness, feelings etc. - whereas productivity concerns steamlining your mental processes for maximum output.

Nevertheless, you are absolutely right in some overlaps between the two sites, just as other specialized SE-sites have


I'd agree with fischi, though there may be room for overlap with pp. Mental fitness is going to be more about how the mind works, and how to stay mentally sharp. While it may be used for productive ends, it may also be a home ground to learn about concepts like chunking, and feats of great memory.

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