Proposal: Relationships and Dating

How could any question be objective? What works for some won't work for all. It's not questions about how to turn on a light switch...This is purely subjective which is not within SE rules?

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Even in Areas with a level of subjectivity, there are plenty objective questions that can be answered based on psychology, sociology etc. For example A question like "when is the best time to break up with someone" could be answered based on research into best day of the week, which is a valid answer that people can learn from.

I'm interested to see where this site goes. Most online relationship advice tends to be tied to one company or speaker, and not an entire group which have nothing to gain but knowledge.


We dispelled the notion long ago that Stack Exchange will only works for "will this compile" questions. That doesn't make this site a support group or a broad discussion forum, but there's a wide range of questions that are perfectly "answerable."

If we can avoid generalized conversation-starters and roundtable debates that are — and this is the tricky part — too subjective, we can maintain the ideals of great Q&A in the face of completely subjective topics.

You can generally tell when a question is unreasonably subjective. It's sometime difficult to describe in generalities, but I know it when I see it. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough to base a policy on. That's why we have Guidelines for Great Subjective Questions.

Good Subjective, Bad Subjective

This^ will need to be virtually required reading on this site.

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