Are questions similar to this one get any support or will end up closed as too localized/off-topic?

  • "How do I approach a girl/boy, who is with different ethnicity/culture/believe?"
  • "There is this girl/boy which is insert foreign culture what should I consider?"
  • "How to approach someone you know from a few hours/days?"
  • "I met this girl/boy today at school/work/bus stop how should I start a conversation?"

I do believe that this kind of questions will be a good starting point for people who are insecure/unsure/shy when approaching someone they feel attracted to in one way or another. My observations and personal experience point me to this kind of questions, as in the past I was in the same place, except there was no resource of this kind of questions. Exception might be the friends, but sometimes it is not the best place to look for help.

Proposal: Relationships and Dating


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