I very much want the Game Theory proposal to succeed, because g.t. is an area in which I occasionally have questions--usually during periods in which I'm actively studying a related area (e.g. evolutionary g.t., games on networks). But g.t. is not central to my research, and I would only be an active participant during certain periods of time. As a result, I don't feel that I can honestly say that I'll definitely do what's required for a Commit. Isn't there a way to add some sort of partial commitment?

Proposal: Game Theory


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If you're not able to contribute consistently to the site's ongoing participation, we can't really count you in the ranks of those pledging to actively build this site. At this stage, we're not really looking for kinda-sorta-committed-when-convenient. We're looking for the avid, active participants who will actually build a strong foundation to get this site off the ground.


I'd commit as "just curious". If you have any contribution at all, that's already better than the average committer.

Asking questions is an essential part of a beta, one private beta I was part of died to lack of question, not due to a lack of experts who can answer questions. Answering questions can be sustained by a few dedicated experts for quite some time, asking questions requires a larger contributor base. If you ask occasionally ask a question, that's a perfectly fine contribution.

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