Proposal: Worldbuilding

All art-based proposals have a steep uphill fight ahead of them. The problem is that the criteria for determining if a proposal is going to be viable (60 followers and 40 questions with 10+ votes within a year) is great for technology-related stack exchanges, because there are a lot of tech people on Area 51. Art, not so much.

If this (or any art-related proposal) is going to succeed, we're going to have to be proactive about this, and go out of our way to invite or otherwise draw in a larger crowd that could care about this proposal and learn the ropes that so often make Area 51 tricky.

And in fact, the sooner we get started on this, the better. Lots of people will decide not to follow a proposal that they think is destined for failure. If we can gain some traction early, we'll be far more likely to convince these fence sitters to join as well.

So what can we do to get the ball rolling?

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Forums around the web centered on gaming or web comics...

No spamming of course but sell it as a resource. Order of the Stick, LFG, various video game forums I can think of...rpg/mmo forums mostly.


I'm going to go ahead and throw out a couple of ideas myself to get the discussion started.

Be sure to vote on questions.

It doesn't matter if they're up-votes or down-votes. Jump in and vote for things. I've seen a lot of art proposals that get enough followers, but are still well short of the number of highly-voted questions that they need before they get shut down.

Tell people about it in any world building forums or groups that you're already involved in.

I should say that you probably shouldn't just go create an account solely for the purpose of spreading the word. That always feels/looks spammy. But if you're already involved, or if you're somewhat of an expert, please share the message around with anyone who might be interested.


Try contacting admins of large Facebook pages, they might try to promote the idea, however this will only work with pages that have admins that sit and discuss with people on the page, since they are much closer to their public... I can guarantee this from my experience as a page admin and as someone involved with a couple of pages.


I tried reddit/r/worldbuilding someone came, but only one person

  • It was worth a shot, right? When we're still quite a ways off from something functional, it's sometimes hard for people to envision what it can become. As things progress, we may find it easier to get people to follow/commit/participate.
    – rbwhitaker
    Commented Feb 21, 2014 at 7:09

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