Proposal: Software Recommendations

After committing to the proposal, I'm greeted with:

Want to help this site reach beta?

Know any experts on this topic? Spread the word!

I wasn't aware that there were software recommendation experts... can this site even have experts?

Who am I supposed to share this with, anyone who just feels like being helpful and sharing their experience with software packages?

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    – Moo-Juice
    Jan 10, 2014 at 20:52
  • @Moo-Juice What irony?
    – pnuts
    Jan 11, 2014 at 3:36

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There aren't exactly any technical certifications specifically for "Software Recommendation Expert". But recommending software in itself isn't an exclusive skill.

I'd posit that what's important is a combination of demonstrable analytical skill and understanding of an industry or audience (Since almost all software is specific to some industry or audience). Things like IT/Programming experience would probably also be a plus in many cases, but not as a general requirement.

A suggested "expert" reccommender for

  • Programming IDE's: a programmer.
  • Design/Photo software: A photographer or graphic designer. Alternatively, an artist.
  • Security software: An IT Professional. Alternatively, a programmer.
  • Boating software: An avid seaman.
  • Enterprise software: An IT Consultant, an Enterprise Developer.
  • Music/Recording software: A musician, a hobbyist or professional sound engineer. Alternatively, a music student.
  • Android apps: Someone from Android Enthusiasts StackExchange who is tired of hearing app recommendations over there, but still knows a lot of useful Android apps.

We all use computers, smartphones, and/or tablets. The software that we all use varies surprisingly. Someone who could be considered an expert for one category will likely still know of a good package to recommend even outside his feild of expertise.


EDIT: Crap, I just realised your post was tongue-in-cheek... Damnit...

As dotVezz says, software recommendation is a very niche subject - but it does have its place. There is no skill in "recommending software" any more than there is in "recommending movies" ( as much as the Movie critics would have you believe otherwise!).

That said, if I know that you like Action movies, and I like Action movies - perhaps we can both recommend to one another some good ones that we found enjoyable. Same with other genres.

Software is somewhat more interesting. Whilst the StackOverflow closure-reason of being primarily opinion based can be true, it is also a barrier for experts to give serious recommendations. Once again, the "Stack Exchange" system of up-voting and down-voting could provide a decent guideline.

Sometimes, we need 3rd-party programs, tools, or libraries. And sometimes there is a wealth of choice. Here's an example question:

What is a decent 3D Rendering Engine (C++)?

Bad Answer:

Ogre3D, it r0x.

Good Answer:

Ogre3D is a mature platform, with a great community. It has been written in a platform-agnostic manner and is being constantly supported. It is available on as many gaming devices as you can name, and is open-source (so feel free to contribute). There are books available here, showcases here, and the forums are here. then follows a lengthy explanation about scene managers, the abstraction layer, etc etc

Looks like I just touted Ogre as a good 3D engine. Well I sure did, but in a proper answer to a question, my response would be rather more lengthy as to why I believe it to be a good choice. Others can then come up with their own well formed answers.

Downvotes should not be applied because one disagrees - but more because the answer was not convincing and/or did not provide enough information.

:) Happy New Year :)

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    Even if it's a tongue-in-cheek question, I think it's a pretty good question. Same for your answer.
    – dotVezz
    Jan 10, 2014 at 21:05

Would (knowlegeable) people who use alternatives not count (eg Windows/Linux, IE/FF, NotePad++/Vim), or those who write reviews of new software, or those who switched from one to another?

  • I'd appreciate clarification of any rationale for -1.
    – pnuts
    Jan 11, 2014 at 1:26

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