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I like the idea of a home for a category of questions that are off topic at The Workplace. However, it seems unclear to me who the target users are for this site. Are they working professionals or students? I would be concerned students wouldn't have much expertise to contribute toward answering the proposed questions, but the way it's written it wouldn't attract working professionals who would have the industry experience to answer the questions. Would some changes to the target audience help make this proposal more viable?

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    There are people whose profession is to give career advice, those people would be the experts I would have thought
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    Commented Jan 5, 2014 at 16:52

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Great question!

When I proposed "Career Advice", I was thinking about all the "students" looking for career advise and their related questions that keep popping up at multiple SE sites but tend to be handled as off-topic for being "too broad", "opinion based", etc.

On the other hand, I frequently noticed that established professionals in the individual fields were willing and able to offer advise.

So, while the "experts" area is currently pretty much open, I think they include:

  • senior students who have evolved beyond the "I'm not sure what courses to take" level,
  • professors who know what it takes "to get there" and can provide related references,
  • established professionals in the individual fields,
  • companies and/or institutions who want to express and share what's on their wishlist related to the knowledge range of future employees,
  • etc.

Of course, most answers will probably gain from included references (just like on other SE sites).

Whether the proposal is able to attract enough professionals is certainly an open question (like with all proposals), but I can imagine there's some interest on the "experts" side too.

Nota Bene: If it makes sense to broaden it, to narrow it down, or maybe simply "tune" the proposal's description... please feel invited to do so. Since English is not my native language, I'm sure the proposal's description could have been worded a bit more optimal and less confusing.

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