Proposal: Software Development Process

The existing Agile proposal is http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/16601/agile-software-development

The existing Kanban proposal is http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/30329/kanban

I think a site open to discussion of all methods of software development process might garner the needed support. Also there would be less concern about what is on or off topic because it's all fair game, and we can use tags to partition interest.


Why would you want to create a separate site on a topic that already exists on a more general site, yet doesn't have enough content to justify it's separate creation.

Project Management SE currently gets 3.8 questions per day. Some of the questions have been about Kanban. Since 3.8 questions per day is considered worrying, there may not be enough content to justify the Kanban site's creation.

My suggestion is to ask your questions on PMSE. Use the Kanban tag. If you or others are only interested in Kanban, then look for questions in the Kanban tag.

Additionally, there are a lot of software development questions asked on Programming SE.

What is the justification for creating another site on existing topics?

  • I personally don't see much overlap between Kanban and Project Management, but I am definitely stating to notice that SE sites aren't as granular as I thought, and that Kanban is perhaps better addressed as a tag on another SE rather than its own SE. Which SE is however not easily answered. – Kurt Mar 27 '11 at 6:22
  • I guess I'm not much familiar with Kanban, but I see a lot of people asking about it on PMSE. My suggestion is to feel out some of the other sites to see if you can find a home for those types of questions. It's definitely a balance between traffic and focus that makes a SE site successful. – jmort253 Mar 29 '11 at 8:01

Doesn't discussion about software development methods belong to Programmers? They actually do have that topic in FAQ.

If it goes beyond software development it is welcomed on Project Management. Actually it is probably welcomed on both sites, Programmers and Project Management, even if it's hard to draw a clear border between software development and project management domains.

Scrum for example bonds both areas pretty tightly so it's hard to clearly address Scrum-related question here or there.

Kanban is tricky as well, since it is used from manufacturing through software development to personal productivity, but I guess vast majority of Kanban-related questions would belong to Programmers, Project Management or both. Also I believe there are more people interested in different approaches to software development/project management, including Kanban, than those interested in different uses of Kanban, so SD/PM sites work as better common denominators.

I don't think we can draw clear lines between topics like software development, project management, let alone narrower ones like agile or Kanban, thus I believe we shouldn't split our efforts into a number of sites and focus on those which are already working.

  • I second your opinion on not drawing lines at this time. I think the lines will become more clear after more time goes by. It's too early to really tell right now. – jmort253 Mar 29 '11 at 8:03

I'd rename the proposal to "development processes" - seems like a bunch of the material will overlap from manufacturing into software and vice versa (see also the Project Management proposal - http://pm.stackexchange.com)


Kanban is a variant of the standard Agile methodology, so it makes sense to merge the sites.

The difference between the methods is how a team limits the amount of software it is working on during an iteration. Standard Agile emphasizes time boxing and velocity with the objective of improving a team's ability to meet product release date commitments. Kanban emphasizes balancing work across the different steps in the development process with the objectives of minimizing wasted effort and delivering high value features first.

It seems like "software development process" may be a little broad, but I'm new to Stack Exchange and existing topics like "programming" are equally broad.

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    Kanban was created for manufacturing control, it is not simply a variant of Agile. When adapted to manage software development it shares some principles with Agile processes. – z7sg Ѫ Jul 26 '11 at 14:34

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