I saw that a bunch of questions about apps for Android have been downvoted. Is there any clear idea on what is the scope of this site platformwise?

Possible scopes would be:

  • Recommendations for Windows programs only?
  • Recommendations for programs on all operating systems running on a PC (or Mac?)?
  • Recommendations also for mobile devices "the way they are meant to be used"?
  • Recommendations also for mobile devices software, that only runs on a jailbroken or otherwise modified operating system.

I personally think the first two points should be on topic in any case and I see no reason why the third should be excluded. In the fourth case I think it would be okay, but the asker should specify in the question when those answers are acceptable.

Proposal: Software Recommendations

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I see no reason why not, similarly to language tags on SO, game title tags on Arquade, or franchise tags on SciFi. Just require a platform tag with each platform-specific question.

There may be questions with the tag, where you're willing to purchase/build any system/setup which provides platform for software with desired functionality, and for interconnection between two or more platforms, but I believe simply most of questions would need to be tagged , , , and so on.

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    Agreed, there should be no restrictions.
    – Judith
    Commented Dec 19, 2013 at 19:36

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