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I would like to see the site go through this time, and to do that we need to bring Gamification.SE to the attention of the right audience. As there is a overlap with game design, one of the audiences we could promote it to are game designers.

Also, one of the biggest areas of gamification applications are enterprises, so attracting those designers would also be good for the proposal.

So, how should we promote the proposal? How do we get the attention of the experts?

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You don't need to get the attention of experts (although that's not a bad idea) you need to get enough of an interested community to have reasonable discussions. Go after students, get them involved in asking questions and generating discussion. Once that hits critical mass, and the content is being generated regularly, experts will follow. They don't need this site though, those of us looking for better info, and community do.


I have posted the community ad on related SE sites that share the most in common with gamification:

We could do with a custom community ad/banner if anyone's inclined to make one :)

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    Might suggest Acedemia as well, education seems to be one of the more popular topics people talk about gamifying.
    – Salvador
    Commented Apr 18, 2014 at 20:09

This is intersting question. The first thing which comes is that there's a bunch of "Gamification" groups on facebook. Assuming that people on those groups are truly intersted in gamification, they may be willing to join.

However the question is: what are they going to be joining for? As there's no members/content yet, what would be the incentive for them to join?

As to putting posts to UserExperience group, this seems to me a waste of time. The UX group itself is very young, and it doesn't seem to have too many users.

Also I guess it is important to set up some measures/KPIs to be able to benchmark this Gamification SE-site's performance in time against expectations.

These are my humble considerations.


There's a lot of experts to contact trough twitter, facebook, personal emails, and I'm sure some of them can retweet, or promote somehow this proposal.

Maybe they can be contacted exposing the causes why this proposal failed last time, and why this time could success. If not, people that promoted this proposal last time could think that it's on the same wrong way that made it fail.

Anyway, I really don't know how exactly went last time since I have joint this proposal recently, but I think it's a good way to expose why this second time could be the good one. :)

BTW: Sorry because of my English, hope you understand it well enough :)


To me, as a student working on a thesis on this exact topic, the target audience might possibly be the educator and/or decision makers within a curriculum development department at schools and universities.

Sure students would enjoy participating in a gamified classroom, but isn't the development of gamified content what the topic of this forum is about? I would say target the educators (as mentioned above"academia") as they would become the lifeblood of this forum.

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