Proposal: Stack Overflow (in Portuguese)

It would be nice to translate some of my questions/answers. I have some friends that would benefit from it.

Is it ok if I translate some of my content? Create a question and already add an answer to it...

Is there some problem in doing that? Should I do it or not?

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    If it's your content, go ahead! Translating your own work is perfectly acceptable.
    – Timtech
    Commented Nov 23, 2013 at 12:11

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In the long run, I think it's perfectly acceptable to translate not only yours but other people's questions too. However, in the beta phase (especially in the private beta) it's important to focus on expert questions and actual, real-world problems. IMHO simply cataloging popular questions, no matter how useful they are, will do little to create a healthy community.

After the site is consolidated OTOH, translating a popular question would be no different than, say, picking a frequently asked question and re-asking with the purpose of providing a canonical answer. The analogy may not seem clear, but think of it this way: no matter how good a question/answer pair is, if it's written in a language you don't understand it has zero value to you, and you're likely to ask it again; but if it's useful to a lot of people - as reflected in the upvotes/view count - then a good translation of it will make that info available to a larger group.

As @bigown said, we can discuss the finer points in our meta when time comes. There are factors like proper attribution, cross-referencing and etiquette, among others, that will probably demand an extended discussion before a consensus is reached.


We can discuss this in our meta soon, I can't speak for whole community but in general farming questions is NOT a good practice at SE sites. I am not saying that you are prohibited to do so, neither your questions couldn't help the site, just saying that a organic growth is better for a healthy site.

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