I just came here from seeing this message in the bottom of all sites list:

Want to start your own Stack Exchange Q&A site? Check out Area 51. Our friendly robots are waiting.

Does this mean if I have my own project, I can start my own SE Q&A site exclusively about it? An example could be Minecraft.SE. I could only guess that if Notch came down here and asked, the site might get created, but what about less popular (less than triple-A game or Wordpress-popular) projects?

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Stack Exchange does not simply create Q&A sites by request of 3rd parties. All of our sites are created through a community-driven process we call Area 51. You can read more about that process here (http://area51.stackexchange.com/faq). Incidentally, we almost certainly wouldn't create a site like Minecraft SE because the subject is already well-supported by our video gaming Q&A at http://arqade.com. Our Q&A subjects typically cover much broader applications. We do not split off into more-specific sites until it can be shown that somehow the subject isn't already being well-covered by an existing site.


If not for pre-existing Arquade, you'd be free to start a Minecraft site. Think of any topic that is not already covered by existing SE sites and feel free to create a proposal.

The process is somewhat more convolved - proposing and voting on example questions, commitment, private and public beta with their own requirements - essentially, SE provides the platform, but it's still your duty to attract the users - and if you fail to bring the users, your proposal will be eventually closed.

For now, I suggest you spend some time on the Area51 site looking at how it all works. The idea for a new site is only the beginning of a rather lengthy but quite rewarding road.

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