While I realize that A51 is not up for any new features untill we get A52, however as we are going to be using this platform for the near future, I would like to suggest another metric for proposals.

During the definition stage, a proposal needs to get 80 followers, but usually, the number ends up being closer to 150+ by the time the proposal moves to the second stage.

Then, comes the commitment phase where some of the followers commit to the proposal while others do not.

It would be interesting to see the conversion rate from followers to committers on the commitment page as it be an indicator of how interested the original followers of the proposal are in the site, and if at all, it is losing steam.

So, basically, I would like to suggest the addition of the following metric:

Conversion% = (#Followers ∩ #Committers) / #Followers

to the sidebar on the commitment page. This should be easy to implement as the data is already present. Only the UI needs to be edited and the field added.

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