Are we going to allow generic questions? If yes then how we going to handle mythological conflicts in generic questions.

For just an example if someone ask Is eating non-veg is crime in eye of god?

Then the answer is going to very from mythology to mythology.

In Buddhism,Jainism and Hinduism killing animal or eating non-veg is called as crime but in Islam there is no problem in it.(No offense to any religion at all)

So how we going to handle this kind of mythological conflicts in generic questions.

Proposal: Mythology

  • Sorry, but generally Islam has problem with eating non-veg animals like dogs. But I think all fishes are allowed, both veg and carnivore ones. Apr 29, 2014 at 12:17

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You have to remember Mythology isn't always religion. I think we would need to have some more information (like: Is eating non-veg a crime in the eyes of the Norse Gods?). Generic questions can't always be generic. They need to be narrowed down in order for people to understand them and answer them.

A good generic question could be:

What fields of differences are there between Gods/Goddesses of War?

Now the questions is specifically about war (which narrows it down) and can be narrowed down even more with the differences.

  • Norse mythology is a religion. Jul 4, 2014 at 17:48

That question as is should be closed/flagged as it is "unclear what you are asking". The question requires context. If they were to ask "Is eating non-veg is crime in eye of a Nordic god" or "How is the eating of non-veg percieved in the eyes of the gods of different religons?", they are valid questions.


Better wording would be along the lines of Which religions abhor the taking of life?. Opening the question to a number of answers for and against the conflict defined by the question.


The good example question will be

Is eating carnivore animals forbidden by the [god]?

because there are various gods that has various views on that case. But even that won't be usually enough. For example, Jahwe has forbidden eating carnivore animals, but only the land one (correct me if I'm wrong) so you can eat carnivore fishes...

The better question would be:

Does [god] allow eating of [animal]?

or even better

What food does [god] allow to eat?

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