A site (*) has been proposed which, I think, deserves an opportunity to exist for many reasons. However, the English used in the proposal and some of the initial mock questions (by the proposer) is a bit sloppy, making the proposal's overall appearance unattractive (to me, at least).

I have several possible corrections / improvements to offer to the proposer. I do not have enough rep here to edit said proposal myself. ( I don't think I should trouble the moderators with such an edit request, although it might be crucial to the site's marketing, if you will. )

  • What is the procedure to contact the proposer to offer my suggestions ? Chat message perhaps ? If so, how long are these retained ? (Couldn't find help info on that !)

[ (*) out of courtesy to the proposer, I choose not to name the site. ]

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As a person whose command of English is far from perfect, I'd either contact privately the proposer or suggest the improvements in a comment which may be deleted if the improvements are acknowledged.

But probably, if your real concern is the marketability of the proposal, a plain comment restating the ideas in a better way is enough.

  • ok, thanks @mau - so how do I contact the proposer privately as there is no contact or email facility in Stack Exchange ? (BTW, your English is good :) Oct 9, 2013 at 16:07
  • good point :-) (I thought that there was a way to contact a person, but this does not seem the case). I fear the best option is then to write a comment and ask for a chatting session.
    – mau
    Oct 10, 2013 at 12:46

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