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Parachutes uses drag to slow up the speed of an object. Since they are also aerodynamic bodies. So, are they part of this site?

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I think that the definition of the topics for this site is moving towards subject related to aircraft operations. Therefore questions on the use of parachutes for slowing down on the runway or to reduce crash impact (e.g. Cirrus CAPS) would fit here. Parachutes used to bail out of aircraft fit here as well.

But if you are interested in the aerodynamic aspects of parachutes, the question will better be posted on Aeronautical Engineering


I'm a little late to this conversation, but I disagree with the other two answers.

Parachutes, particularly modern ram air parachutes, are actually flying wings with aerodynamic properties almost identical to those of an aircraft wing. In addition, the rules and regulations governing aircraft operations (FAR's) also apply to parachute operations, so the operational questions would be very similar.

However, just like aircraft engineering questions, questions about design and more technical questions should be asked on the appropriate site instead of here.


Powered Parachutes fly and have a collapsible aerodynamic wing.

Parachutists jump out if aeroplanes and most parachuting operations are conducted under the watchful eye of aviation authorities, needing airspace clearances, etc

Therefore, parachuting should definately be part of this group.

The exception should probably be base jumping, apart from the fact you need to be a little bit crazy to do it, it does not involve any actual aviation at all

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