I read Q&A What to do after committment and What happens to questions posed during the 'Definition' phase when a site moves to later phases?, but I still have some doubt in what to do during committment phase, besides spreading the word.

I understand that it is not yet time to answer the sample questions - otherwise we would already be in (private) beta. I also understand that meta-questions may be made, for example about what should be asked when the group will be created. But is it possible to add new sample questions, even if they cannot be answered yet? I have the sensation that just committing and patiently waiting is a kind of drag.

In a nut, I'd like advice in how to be active in committment phase.

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There's not really much else to do. The "proposal" is already defined and ready to launch… just as soon as you can get enough folks to sign the petition to get the site created.

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