Proposal: Ebooks

The question is similar, but not exactly the same, as the one here. I understand that asking if mobi is better or not than epub is a soft-question and should be frown at, but for example I would like to discuss if standards like epub3 will ever be finalized, or why divu is not supported by most ebook readers.


In my opinion they should be, because the formats are an important aspect of ebook creation and usage.

The only example question that I found was

  • Aside from being usable on different readers and DRM: Are there differences in the features implemented in epub and mobi?

In addition to the examples you provided here (even though they are a bit speculative) I would really want to have questions like:

  • How is [epub or mobi] organized internally?
  • How to create [epub or mobi] from scratch (without using ebook creation software)?
  • Which ebook formats can embed mathematical formulas that scale with font size?
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    I'm relived that Production is on topic and not just usage. Because I'm definitely interested in the creation process. Having usage as well makes complete sense because that's where it all ends up- and issues creep up. Thanks.
    – Rajib
    Nov 14 '13 at 12:20

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