First off, i'm an italian student but at the same time auto trained IT guy.

I must say that not all italians can understand well a book or english answers on Stack Overflow and, for those who can, it is equally difficult because they must mentally need to first translate the answer, and then realise it. Many, in the end, go simply on native websites.

I know that the quote

A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers

which is shown when one search Stack Overflow on Google is true but, c'mon, if an italian goes on the website, everything that he can find on the home is a load of english questions. I'm sure that many who go directly on the website, without search engine, exchange it for an english only website, because like the 99% of questions or good answers is in English.

I know that english is a "must" for developers and IT guys, but, you know what? Not all will ever work on international projects, more than you can think of are professional developers but not so English-savvy, maybe because is years that work locally for small customers. I know myself many of this. Those people can, however, have equally the need for a native Stack Overflow, because every other simply don't have the same firepower.

Stack Overflow, from the start, did the difference. It's a quality Q&A website about developers.All the answers are there at our fingertips, for our english-savvy eyes.

My proposal here is to make an Italian only website, similar to Stack Overflow but named different and in italian (i've also a name in mind). For whom is concerned for an unnecessary duplication or an eventual loss of potentially good international questions, i have an idea:

the title of the questions can be in English, on the new website (maybe with the help of automatic translation suggestions), because the real difficult thing is content, but this will be in Italian.

When one start to write a new question, a bot can search on Stack Overflow if a similar title is already present and, if isn't, can propose to the author to post it on Stack Overflow in English language. An English-savvy author will do this because will earn more points (or this can be the only way to earn points) and the potential loss of international answers i think is reduced, because those who can't write in English won't would write anyway on Stack Overflow and the majority of those who can, would do it.

I say all this because i've read somewhere on this area that the lack of translated Stack Overflow is due to some of those problems. This is only my 2 cents, the problem can be solved also in differents or more advanced ways. My proposal is not perfect, but can be a starting point.

Think about it, native Stack Overflow can be a real boost and game changer on italian IT stuff, no joke. Think also of students like me.

Sorry if i was long.

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