Is biological oceanography include in the topic of the proposal Geoscience?

Here is the definitions of biological oceanography given by some of the most famous oceanographic institution:

  • From MIT WHOI

    Biological oceanography is the study of life in the oceans - the distribution, abundance, and production of marine species along with the processes that govern species spread and development.

  • From SCRIPPS

    Biological Oceanography is concerned with the interactions of populations of marine organisms with one another and with their physical and chemical environment. Because these interactions are frequently complex, and because the concepts and techniques used are drawn from many fields, biological oceanography is, of necessity, interdisciplinary. Therefore, studies in physical oceanography, marine chemistry, marine geology, and several biological areas are pertinent.


The Scripps web page you've linked to lists habitat disruptions and population genetics among the research topics that are included in their biological oceanography program. Volcanism and climate change are two examples of clear overlap between "habitat disruptions" and "Geoscience SE topics." "Population genetics," however, belongs on Biology SE. So some questions related to biological oceanography will belong on Geoscience SE, and other questions will be better-suited for other SE sites.

If you want to know how a new volcano will affect the fish living around it, ask a geologist what will erupt out of it, then ask a biologist what that stuff will do to the fish.

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