Is there Any reason for this split? It seems, the system we're having right now works fine. Why shouldn't the Questions just be tagged with the c# tag and maybe some dotnet, wpf, winforms or asp tags?

Proposal: Just C-Sharp

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I'd love to see somebody argue the other side of this, if they feel it's worthwhile, but here are my reasons for why I don't think there should be programming language specific stack exchanges:

  1. Stack Exchange has never allowed proposals that would steal significant traffic from an existing site, which this clearly would.
  2. You'd almost need to migrate all of the current C# related questions over to the new site, which would be a headache. That, or deal with repeats.
  3. C# programmers are already in the habit of going to stackoverflow.com, and you'd somehow have to get them to shift their thinking to go to a new site. In all likelihood, you'd lose a lot of people in the transition. A sub-point of this is that everyone would have to earn reputation all over again, so it would be hard to judge who the "trusted experts" are.
  4. I think there's a lot to be gained by the cross-pollination between languages on Stack Overflow. Even though a question may be language specific, sometimes somebody who is an expert in a different language will be able to shed unique and interesting light on the question.
  5. I think this would negatively affect the VB.Net people who have access to the exact same BCL/FCL, but who would lose a large collection of experts in that if they were funneled to a C# specific site.

It looks like this C# proposal was closed as a duplicate now, which I think is the right move... but I'd still actually be very interested in having someone present some counterpoints to this discussion.

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    All the counterpoints have already been discussed to death. If you search around, you can find them. I'd link to them, but sorry, I need to move onto other things. Your logic here is sound though; no need for any language-specific sites. Good luck!
    – jmort253
    Sep 1, 2013 at 6:04

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