Say there is a proposal that I think makes sense as a proposal in general, but not one that I intend on following now or ever. I have experience with Stack Exchange sites, so I have a good feel for what types of questions are usually considered off-topic on the whole.

Say I open up a proposal and see the questions it has listed and find several that I think would be interesting an a good fit for the proposed site. Is it fair--and is it good--for me to use up my votes on questions on a site that I don't have interest in following or committing to?

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I think so, for the same reason I vote on questions on launched sites I don't actively participate in. I'm not an expert on most sites that I have accounts on, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize a good question.

If I have no idea what the question is asking, I'll leave it alone. But if I do understand it and think it is constructive and a good question, I'll upvote it. My general rule is: if I see an answer that I'd actually like to know the answer to, it's worthy of an upvote.

Alternatively: if I see a question that is a bad fit for SE sites, I'll downvote it (too broad, not constructive, etc).


It is actually foreseen. If you look how many people the proposal require to vote on questions, and how many are required to commit, you'll see that the first number is significantly bigger. If SE team wouldn't want people to vote without following, they wouldn't make it that way.

Finally, voting is expressing your opinion. Following is expressing your interest to join the proposal in some phase. Those 2 don't need to go in pair.

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