Proposal: Moderators

This proposal needs more questions. It covers the basics currently, but we really should broaden the subjects. With 21 questions total we're nowhere near to 40 "+10" questions.

Just some ideas - not for questions as such, but for domains of problems moderators may face.

  • Surviving "Raids" by groups like Anonymous.
  • The site is hacked/compromised at the moment. What to do community-wise?
  • Community-Management conflicts, moderators take flak from both sides.
  • Site is found to be vulnerable currently, how to act?
  • Estimating needed number of moderators
  • Bug reports and handling them
  • helpdesk unable to respond in timely manner
  • structure/mechanism of escalation of helpdesk requests
  • smart problem ticket systems (assign problem to its expert?)
  • stalkers - against users and against moderators.
  • IRC channels - change of ownership problems
  • Dealing with copyright claims, including bogus.
  • Upstream problems: escalated tickets never resolved, users angry, support takes flak.
  • Users who don't want problems resolved, just need someone to be angry at
  • Legal threats, how to recognize valid ones
  • How to structure a growing moderation team?
  • Streissand Effect - prevention, survival and recovery
  • Viral marketing and grassroot campaigns by own community


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