Proposal: Gamification

The proposal's one-liner definition states "enterprise or consumer applications". Well, what about the other aspects of Gamification?

There are overall four aspects of Gamification:


Companies apply gamification on their employees to increase their productivity.


Companies apply gamification on their customers, users to make them engaged/addicted/loyal to their products and their company. Eg.: Frequent Flyer Programs

3.Social Good:

Companies/Organizations/Independent Developers build gamified apps for almost anyone and everyone to use upon themselves to bring their attention towards environmental (and other) concerns. Eg: Recycle Bank

4.Gamification of Life:

People apply gamification on themselves to exercise self-control, improve habits, work towards their own goals. Eg.: HabitRpg.com, livingforimprovement.com

Are the last two ascpects of Gamification not going to be covered in this site? I really think that we should include them and alter the site's description to something broader so as to accommodate these two aspects as well.

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I totally agree with you. The proposal should cover the entire depth and breadth of Gamification.

The definition should be something along these lines :

For professionals, academics, and enthusiasts who apply game mechanics for individual improvement, social good, enterprises, or consumers.

Another alternate, and possibly better scope definition would be:

For professionals, academics, and enthusiasts who apply game mechanics in non-game contexts. This includes, but is not limited to, applications for enterprises, consumers, social good, and individual improvement.

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