I would like a site like StackOverflow but not with the same name to ensure to not confuse anybody. I would like a site like StackOverflow for opinion base questions that admits subjective answers.

The main reason is to enable users to add question of type "What is the best software for ..." or "What is the best control for ...". I've been looking for that for a while and still searching for it.

I recently had one opinion based question but it was put on "Hold" on Stack Overflow and I was really sad, shocked and confused. I really think it is an invaluable type of question and StackOverflow was the best place to get a good answer quickly to it.

I also understand that StackOverflow should refuse that type of question because it is not part of the goal of that site.


Opinion based website has some negatives:

  • Create emotional reactions
  • Attracts spams
  • Attracts non objective answers, sometimes by creators of products/software
  • Could lead to inappropriate exchange/words
  • Generate lots of unnecessary information
  • It is subjective

Opinion based website has also some positives:

  • It create debate where lots of useful information came out
  • Brings new information that could lead to change some minds / a new vision to readers
  • In most case, those questions lead to a solution that will save a lot more time than any other kind of question
  • In most case, those questions lead to a solution that will save a lot more of money than any other kind of question (usually related to products)
  • Brings creator reaction that would bring additional useful information on the product, reason of certain design decision, ...

In summary:

Considering the negatives and the positives, I think that a website ('Not StackOverflow') offering the acceptance of this type of questions would be a lot beneficial for users. I think that positives weight more than negatives.

Other considerations for designing that site:

  • It should require to comment to post. Not only vote
  • It should have an award system as StackOverflow (like reputation)
  • It would be nice to have a graphics showing votes and being able to see that graphics on a specific period of time. (Like www.slant.co)
  • Forums would not be acceptable because we need a way to vote and we also need an efficent award system for users (for many reasons...).

My opinion is that is due to its rewarding system (reputation), StackOverflow technology would make a good way to implement that kind of website. Also, StackOverflow is well recognized as one of the best place to get answers to software questions. It would be nice if the StackOverflow team would create a website offering those features for the benefits of everyone.

Related information:

There is http://www.slant.co but they do not let people comments, or comments on comments like do StackExchange. No reputation which give user answers some value.


This has been tried before, with Programmers Stack Exchange, and failed.

Initially, Programmers was supposed to be a place for non-programming-related questions asked by programmers. This was a useless mess and quickly got repurposed to pretty much what you describe: a place for subjective questions related to programming. Over time, guidelines evolved to identify good subjective questions. But even that led to a lot of debate and bikeshedding. So Programmers evolved towards what it is today: a place for questions that are related to programming, but not about coding, such as architecture, design patterns, business concern, software engineering, …

There are no “subjective” versions of Stack Exchange sites because that doesn't work. Stack Exchange is a questions and answers platform. Some kinds of subjective questions work, and they don't need to be segregated to another site. Other kinds of subjective questions don't work, and they need a different format, such as Slant (which is dedicated to “best X” kinds of debates) and Discourse (a project to make a better discussion forum).

The reason your question was deemed unsuitable on Stack Overflow is not that Stack Overflow doesn't want it, but that it's unsuitable for Stack Exchange in general. There's no point in proposing another Stack Exchange site: the issue is that what you want doesn't fit in a questions and answers format.

  • Thanks Gilles for your answer. I do not really agree with you. I think that a formula closest to "Stack exchange" format will have a better success than Slant. Probably something between the 2 but closer to Stack Exchange. That, in order to be able to increase or decrease user reputation according to the quality of its answer and arguments to defend its choice. Actually, I can't find anything useful on Slant where StackOverflow has many answers, and all that on subjectives questions. I'm happy that those questions survive the restrictive rules of StackOverflow. Aug 19 '13 at 15:45

If Programmers Stack Exchange is the right place for opinion-based question. Why do they close this kind of question?

Look my example: https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/236986/development-team-roles-splitted-each-time-more

We don't have a place for opinion-based.

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