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One part of an Amateur Radio Operator's (for want of a better word) charge is this -

In the event of a failure of regular communications he may provide necessary communications support. This is known as variously across regimes. A couple of terms for this are as follows

Should RACES protocol, notification of emergency bands, and relay communication from an emergency band to other media be on-topic here?

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Absolutely. Emergency Communications is an essential part of Amateur Radio, and in fact, both RACES and ARES are mentioned in the USA FCC Technician level tests for Amateur Radio.

And while we're on the subject, there's MARS and CAP (For the United States, I'm sure other countries have their equivalents). While both of these use amateur radio operators typically, they operate outside of the Amateur Bands. I think we should allow such questions, but not encourage them, much like the previous discussion for CB radio.


Definitely. It is important, though, the realize that Amateur Radio as 'communication service' is only one aspect of the hobby. I have seen many a discussion forum become swamped with the '4th emergency service' type of discussion to the exclusion of all else.

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