Proposal: Maker Professionals

I was told when I made suggestions to improve the wording that the title and description were fixed --- now it's changed --- I don't see any indication of a discussion, nor a vote.


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This change was made by Robert Cartaino♦ who is Director of Community Development for the Stack Exchange Network.

I'm not sure why he decided to change the name and description to be one which has the appearance of being significantly less inclusive than the community had settled on, but we will have to trust his judgement and hope that it doesn't cause our own beta to fail, as the previous Personal Manufacturing beta failed.

As I have just said in my comment to Great work! You're almost there!:

I'm a little disappointed that after numerous rounds of gathering opinions & votes on both the name of this proposal and the description for it, these have both been changed from the consensus we reached to something few of us would recognise, with no debate or community involvement. As suggested by WillAdams I fear that the new name will discourage those amateur enthusiasts who formed the original focus for this proposal.


In response to my comment, Robert wrote an answer to NEW! Vote for the Name of this Proposal. NOW! and I subsequently wrote my own response.


This is answered here:

It's at this point that proposals really start to take off, so we typically do our final review about now to clarify both the title and description in preparation for launch. There were some concerns that the title sounded too much like your "traditional" industrial labor and machining site

  • I don't see a real answer there. I also don't see any public discussion and the change is contrary to the public consensus which was reached in discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/questions/6107/…
    – user22356
    Jul 19, 2013 at 16:08
  • 2
    @WillAdams I'm not sure how it doesn't answer your question, you asked why did the name get changed. The reason is explained in that post. It is not uncommon for the comm team to change the title, they did it for Mind as well. If you don't agree with it, perhaps make a post petitioning for a revert and voice your concerns within that. I would avoid using language such as 'elitist, new age "Maker" bull'.
    – JohnB
    Jul 19, 2013 at 16:14

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