There is a proposal for an OpenERP StackExchange site currently in Area51. It is currently stuck in the "needs more questions with 10 votes" stage.

On StackOverflow there are currently 975 OpenERP questions.

Is there some way to use the StackOverflow questions to get the OpenERP site up and running?

Note: While OpenERP does have their own Q&A site, that one is mainly for users of the software; the StackExchange site would be mainly for programmers. There is a post on the proposed site from one of the OpenERP developers detailing this.

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The purpose of the Area 51 phases is to prove that a site can support itself in the long term--independent of other help resources (e.g. Stack Exchange sites or otherwise).

The existing Stack Overflow questions may be useful in posing some example questions, but ultimately the proposal will have to prove that it can sustain itself outside of Stack Overflow.


OpenERP is already using a clone of Stack Exchange to run their own Q&A site: http://help.openerp.com/questions/

This would leave me to believe that an OpenERP SE site would not be viable because it would be directly competing with the officially sanctioned Q&A site.

At this point, what would an OpenERP SE site provide that the official site would not?

  • The two sites are for different audiences. Their site is mainly for users, while the StackExchange site would be mainly for programmers. There is even a post on the proposed site detailing this. Commented Jul 17, 2013 at 16:55

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