Earlier, I used encourage people to vote on questions which has less than 10 votes and thus effectively use their 5 votes for the benefit of the proposal (like I did here). But now I understand that objective is not only about getting 40 questions with 10 up votes, but to identify the best/worst questions for that proposal.

In that case, if I find a question up voted by me has more than 10 votes, I can undo that vote and vote on some other question which has less than 10 votes. Is this desirable?

My suggestion is that, there should be a lock on votes (say after 10 minute of vote time) that prevent user from removing that vote from the question. The lock should get unlocked if the question got edited.

I hope this isn't a duplicate, I couldn't find one.

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I think this only becomes a problem if people use these revotes on questions that do not really belong to the proposal -- as long as you pay attention to the quality of the questions and not merely vote on any question to get its number to ten, you're not really subverting the purpose of the voting system; the questions that get the new votes are good questions -- and now they are being recognized as such.

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    That again comes back to the original question. Do we only need 40 good questions? Then what is the problem in encouraging users to not to vote on questions that has 10(+) score. A user up vote a question because he found it good for the site. The mere fact that it now has 10 votes doesn't mean he should undo the vote and give it to another not so good but acceptable question. Jul 5, 2013 at 3:08
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    @Krishnabhadra: I agree. But since the highly-voted questions are on top, many people will use their five votes before ever getting to something with fewer than ten votes and the proposal will never get anywhere. The beta period will refine the actual definition of a good question; as I understand it the purpose of voting on proposals is to determine if there are enough good questions possible for a site. As long as people only vote on questions that could be a good fit, we don't really need the votes to show which questions are better than the others.
    – Ryan Frame
    Jul 5, 2013 at 15:15

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