Proposal: Gamification

One of the most important decisions to take while designing a gamified system is the inclusion/exclusion of game elements from the system. Questions about this may take the form :

Should [element] be included in [system]? What effects may I expect?

Such questions could be considered as too localized (or off-topic under the new close interface).

So, are such questions fine for this site/proposal?

  • Should - opinion based. What may I expect - speculations. Jul 1, 2013 at 5:14
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    @ŁukaszLech When you base it on expertise and back it with research, its not speculation.
    – asheeshr
    Jul 1, 2013 at 5:20

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I think such questions are fine for the proposal as long as they describe the system being designed in reasonable detail.

  • They should not describe every small detail, otherwise the question itself is too localized/off-topic
  • They should describe only the relevant details needed to visualise the system

As far as the answers are concerned, I think for an answer to be valid, it should satisfy at least one of the following criteria :

  • If the answer is based entirely on opinion or expertise, then it should be backed with real world examples and statistical data. For example, if the question is about implementing inter-user rewards in a reputation points system, then the SE bounty system with SE Data Explorer queries/graphs could be provided.

  • If the answer delves entirely into psychological reasoning, then it should be backed with relevant research (papers) or again, statistical data which describe the phenomena but may or may not be specifically gamification based research.

  • For anything in between, a combination of the backing data should be provided.


In addition to what AsheeshR has already said,

The questions can be about a specific Gamification project but describe the project enough so that, it may be useful for future users.

For example, questions such as, "Should conversion of in-game coins to tangible goods be allowed in a gamified system where we are trying to make people behave in so-and-so way towards so-and-so situations."

These "so-and-so" can also be present in other projects and thus not become localized.

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