Proposal: Tickling

This proposal has just been closed; it's only been around for a few days. Couldn't it have been given a little more time, to see if it could gain momentum? People were asking new questions, and voting.

  • How many questions do you think can be asked about tickling on this site? Stack exchange aims for a minimum of 15 questions a day, and expects this to continue indefinitely. Sites with a much broader scope such as Literature have failed - I just don't think this is a viable proposal. Sorry. – iandotkelly Jun 8 '13 at 1:48
  • I guess so. Just feeling a little disappointed, but the answers here make sense. – Vixen Populi Jun 8 '13 at 8:44

The problem is the scope. How many questions can you possibly ask about tickling? Is there enough to create a website that will continue to have questions and keep an audience?

I highly doubt it.


SE is about attracting experts who can answer questions. How many tickling experts do you know? How many even exist? Is there even such a thing?

Unless there are at least 100 tickling experts who can contribute to this site, the site will fail.

I bet there are, at best, a half dozen tickling "experts" (that is, people who focus academically or professionally on the study of tickling) in the entire world. Even if every single tickling expert on the planet, throughout all history, were active on this site, it wouldn't be enough for critical mass to make this site succeed.

On the other hand, tickling may well be suitable as a topic on sites with other, broader topics (such as Human Sexuality, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, etc).

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