There is an application called Gregorio, which allows for the generation of Gregorian Chant notation - the notes, text, everything.

The application relies on TexLive, but in itself, is not a tex program at all. It has it's own sort of "code" whereby you can specify what notes and text to be used. This file is called a .gabc file.

Gregorio.exe in turn converts the .gabc file into a .tex file, and it gets compiled to a pdf via lualatex.

Now, there is a gregorio mailing list, but it is not a website, and is difficult to search. There is some documentation on the gregorio website, but I see that users in the mailing list ask the same questions very frequently. I think they would benefit greatly from a stack exchange site.

What I am afraid of is that if I proposed a "Gregorio Magistri" site, that it would be closed on account that it has to do with tex.

What do you all think?

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