What statistics are required in private beta in order for the proposed site to pass though to public beta?

Is there a defined set of standards the site must meet, or is a subjective decision made about whether the side should proceed to public beta?


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There's an answer here on Meta Stack Exchange by former staff member @TimPost. The first sentence is the most important:

I hate to put even arbitrary numbers out there because folks tend to fixate on the numbers instead of the exercise itself.

The purpose of a private beta is to show that:

  • The topic has enough interest to succeed
  • The topic works pretty naturally within the framework of objective Q&A
  • High-quality, original information about the topic is abundant after a short private beta period.

It's the third one that requires a bit of interpretation on our part. If a site has 150 questions with answers that just paraphrase Wikipedia, that site has a problem that would probably cause it to (at the least) be held back in private beta for a while longer.

If a site only manages to get 40 questions but they all have fantastic, in-depth answers, then we'd be very inclined to give it more time and see what happens.

If a site only manages to get 30 - 40 questions, and the quality is just not that great, then we'd probably be letting them know that it just didn't work.

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