I saw some "questions/discussions" in proposals which say something like:

  • Use your votes!
  • Post example questions!


While this seems to get common practice, is it okay to do this? I have added my concerns in an answer of the marketing reminder:

Don't vote up just because you have votes left. This will push up uninteresting questions to the top and you won't be able to define clearly what is on topic and what is not.

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I guess it is - in terms of the message - OK as long as you don't encourage people to use their votes mindlessly, but also to post good example questions.

However, I see another problem. If everybody does this, the site would quickly fill up with reminder question spam. There used to be an "announcement" feature, which was sadly removed, that would have been good for this kind of post.

As an alternative, I'd suggest posting an actual discussion question. Ask about some unclear point in the site's scope for example, and in passing remind people to use their votes and write good questions. The benefit of this is that it's not so spammy, and you might actually help improve your proposal.

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