When there is a discussion on a proposal, it shows it under it (the proposal). When it says 1d (username), shouldn't it be the author that's displayed, and not the latest responder?


The discussion listing embedded in the proposal is equivalent to 'active' tab on our main Q&A. The purpose is to show when new activity occurs within a thread (latest responder). If that listing always showed the original author, no one would know to go check out the thread when something is added. It would be a static display. We intentionally show the latest activity to let folks know there is something new to see.

  • it took me a while to understand it (on the main sites), but eventually I found it really useful. I am still wondering whether adding (in parenthesis) the name of the original author could be useful or not.
    – mau
    Sep 14 '13 at 17:56

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